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Kalamazoo Michigan High School Senior PhotographerEric Mazzone is a conceptual portrait artist currently living in Kalamazoo, Michigan Area. Eric began his photography career in 1999 while deployed to Kosovo with the 415th Civil Affairs Battalion. Starting his professional career in 2012 by founding 4 Gems Photography in Kalamazoo, MI, where he has shot models and high school seniors all over Michigan. Eric graduated from Western Michigan University in 2012 with Bachelors of Arts degrees in German and Communication Studies. While at WMU he was a member of various student organizations including the Photography & Intermedia Collective, Public Relations Organization, and German Club. Currently Eric is a member of the Professional Photographers of America, Beauty with Brains, and the Mitten Tribe. Eric is currently pursuing certification as a Certified Professional Photographer from the Professional Photographers of America. 4 Gems Photography 2012-Present President / Conceptual Portrait Artist Duties: Design photographic projects Advise clients on styling, wardrobe, and art selections In charge of operations Execution of all photographic assignments Run and manage print operation4 Gems Photography is a photography company with a unique approach: We think you are a gem and we want to see you shine! Our passion is to captures moments under the scope of our fashion / lifestyle attitude, creating images that aren't simply personal photos, but true works of arts that people will be proud to treasure on their walls as life-long memories. With 4 Gems, you walk away with a memorable experience, beautiful albums and heirloom art, besides the fantastic images. Let us make you look great and get in touch for the most glamorous fashion shoot of your life! Find out more and contact us:  
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